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Welcome to Merlion Academy

Merlion Academy is an approved or accredited academy of renowned tertiary institutions and professional organisations such as Pearson, OTHM, IAoTh and IACT to deliver content rich professional licentiate qualifications and academic courses with rigor and depth.

Obtain worldwide recognised certification as an educational therapist, psychologist, educator and counselor to start your practice.

Merlion Academy takes ownership in training aspiring & passionate teachers, education managers, psychologist, counselors and educational therapists equipping them with the right professional knowledge and skills who believe in providing young children with quality education and care.

Corporate Values


R. O. A. R. S.








Providing quality and up to date training in terms of the right mindset, knowledge, skills and ethics. 



Merlion Academy builds on to be an Asian’s leading and trusted training academy for aspiring educational therapists, arts therapists, teachers, education managers, counselors and special education needs practitioners. 


Our academically qualified lecturers who are experienced and skilled practitioners as well, are passionate in sharing insightful working experiences and knowledge to elevate the perspectives of our learners.

Dr Chia Kok Hwee (Xie Guo Hui)

Academic Chair, Chief Advisor

EdD (UWA, Au), M.Ed (ECU, Au), B.Ed.St (UniSQ, Au), B.Ed (ECU, Au), PGDES (ECU, Au), FCoT (CollT@ULIE, Lond., UK), FCP (CollP, Essex, UK), Hon.FRSAS, BCET (AET, USA), BCSE (ASSEP, USA), TS-SNET/ SNCP/ DDAT/ RT (IACT, USA), LTCL, ACP (CollP, Essex, UK), MAIPC (Au), Omega Gamma Chi Awardee, Lee Kong Chian Research Fellow Awardee

Dr Camulli, Jennifer

Ph.D (USJ, Macau), M.Ed (UVic, Canada), B.A (UCalgary, Canada), CPABE (IAAP, USA), FCCT, HonFRSAS, DISES, CEC, Registered Special Needs Educational Therapist (IACT, USA)

Dr Lim Boon Hock

Ph.D (Deakin, Au), M.Ed (Deakin, Au), PGCEd (UK), B.Sc (Leeds, UK), FCollT (UK), FCCT (UK), HonFRSAS, Registered Special Needs Educational Therapist (IACT, USA)

Dr Guo Qinxian, Gideon

Ph.D (NTU, Singapore), M.A (NTU, Singapore), B.A (NTU, Singapore)

Kuan Fui Ha, Betty

BCDDAT (IACT, USA), M.SSc (UniSA, Au), M.A (UoH, UK), Clinical Supervisor (Counseling)

Chan Hei Ka, Nadia

Ph.D (Candidature, Sheffield, UK), M.Couns (Monash, Au), M.Ss (UM, Macau), PGC (Derby, UK), B.Sc (UIU, USA), B.A (HKBU, Hongkong), Registered Clinical and Counselling Psychologist (HCPC, UK), Registered Pyschotherapist (HB, Macau), Registered Psychologist (HKPS, Hongkong), Registered Play Therapist (APT, USA), Licensed Professional Counselor (Penn, USA)

Chua Chee Keong, Arnold

BCSE (AASEP), M.Ed (Dean Awardee NTU, Singapore), B.Sc (CQU, Australia), FRSAS, Credentialed Special Needs Educational Therapist (IACT, USA)

Wong Chong Lee

M.Sc (Wheelock, USA), M.Ed (NTU, Singapore), B.Sc (Lough, UK), FRSAS, Registered Special Needs Educational Therapist (IACT, USA)

Tham Kam Tyng, Dede

M.Ed (Candidature - USW, UK), B.Sc (Greenw, UK), FRSAS, Registered Nurse (SNB), Credentialed Special Needs Educational Therapist (IACT, USA)

Tan Meng Kiat

M.Ed (Sydney, Au), M.Sc (King's, UK), BFP, FCA (ICAEW, UK), FCA (ISCA, Singapore)

Lim Liok Keong, Philip

M.Sc (NTU, Singapore), MBA (SBS, Singapore), B.Sc (UoPX, USA)

Loo Ee Lynn

M.Ed (NTU, Singapore), B.Psy (HELP, My), Member (PSIMA, My)

Sijabat, Frascilly

M.Sc (LEI, NL), B.Psy (UI, Id)

Singh, Harjit

Credentialed Special Need Community Practitioners (IACT, USA), Credentialed Special Need Educational Therapist (IACT, USA), P. Dip Community and Social Services (Protection and Rehabilitation), P.Dip in Community and Social Services (Disability Services )

Resource Materials

The published monographs written by our some of our lecturers are good recommended source of reference materials for assignments.