Obtaining a clinical practising license is an essential step for therapists and counsellors to legally and ethically provide professional services. This credential serves as a validation of your specialised training, knowledge, and competence in the special education needs and mental health field. Beyond the legal requirements, a practising licence upholds rigorous standards that safeguard the well-being of clients and maintain the integrity of the profession. It demonstrates your commitment to adhering to ethical principles, staying current with evidence-based practices, and delivering high-quality care. 

With a practising licence, you gain the trust and confidence of potential clients, employers, and fellow professionals, opening doors to expanded career opportunities and the ability to practice independently. Moreover, the process of obtaining a license fosters personal and professional growth, as it involves ongoing education, supervision, and a deep understanding of legal and ethical guidelines. Ultimately, a clinical practicing license is a hallmark of expertise, accountability, and a dedication to providing compassionate and effective therapeutic services.

 International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT) is the largest and highly prestigious professional body based in the United States of America, with some 40,000 members, that admits members who have fulfilled its rigorous Practising Licence Programmes requirements to obtain practising membership as a licenced educational therapist, reading therapist, arts therapist and counselor. Membership with IACT is a mark of high standard and excellence. The practising licence is highly recognised globally

Practising licence holders are not only clinically knowledgeable and skilled, but are also highly respected as well. They are eligible to set up therapy practice or special education needs center globally, and provide intervention and therapy procedures ranging from children, adolescents to adults with special education needs. The practising licence is highly recognised in North American, Asian and European countries etc. 

Merlion Academy is the authorised training provider of the following IACT’s Practising Licence Programmes training. Merlion Academy is authorised to supervise and verify candidates’ work seeking to gain admission as an IACT’s member.

The three tiers of IACT’s practising licence for the listed programmes hereinbelow are Credentialed (Therapist), Registered (Assessor) and Board Certified (Diagnostician). Board Certified (Diagnostician) members hold the highest status of the membership. 

Admissions for the programmes are conducted on a rolling basis and can begin at any time. 

IACT's Practising Licence Programmes