OTHM Diploma in Health & Social Care Management (ONLINE)

The objective of the 3-level OTHM Diploma in Health & Social Care Management qualification is to equip learners with the underpinning knowledge, understanding and skills required for a career or further study in the health and social care sector at a managerial level. The programme enables learners to demonstrate their skills by producing evidence from their work or training activities.

Level 2 provides learners the opportunity to progress in specific subject occupational areas. Learners will develop and enhance knowledge and skills in the areas of effective partnership working, managing the care of vulnerable individuals, safeguarding, health education, team management, professional supervision practices and how to complete a research project. It enables learners to demonstrate their skills by producing evidence from their work or training activities. The Level 1 units lay the foundations of learning by providing an introduction to contemporary Health and Social Care topics.

Level 3 covers the principles of reflective practice and personal and professional development in relation to their role as a health and social care manager. It also develops learners’ understanding and evaluating of different perspectives of quality in relation to health and social care service provision. It introduces the management of teams and approaches to dealing with complex situations, providing quality service outcomes through effective practice and policy implementation. Learners will also have an understanding of management responsibilities for ensuring the health and safety of the health and social care workplace and the people within it. It further develops learners’ understanding of the processes involved in the management of human and financial resources such as recruitment, the management and development of people in the health and social care workplace. Key financial concepts and tools used by managers in health and social care organisations are also looked at.

Completion diploma is conferred by OTHM. As our OTHM accredited qualifications are approved and regulated by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) and Qualifications WalesOTHM qualifications represent practical knowledge, skills, capabilities and competencies that are assessed in academic terms as being equivalent to a three-year UK’s undergraduate degree. 

OTHM is also a full member of Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB), the trade association for vocational awarding bodies in the UK which represents the interests of over 110 awarding bodies by liaising with key stakeholders, including the regulators, government departments and funding agencies. OTHM has established strong academic relationships in the UK and overseas to ensure that OTHM qualifications are globally accepted by all academic institutions.

Successful completion of this qualification will equip graduates with industry-specific and practical skills, enabling them to successfully apply their knowledge in the hospital, community care and social care workplace, enhancing their career prospects and allow progression for further study at master’s degree level. Learners completing level 2 of this diploma qualification are eligible to gain module exemptions of BA (Hons) Professional Studies (top-up) at University of Portmouth or BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care at University of Sunderland.

The 18 units covered over 3 levels are:

Unit 1: Promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Health and Social Care

Unit 2: Professional Development and Academic Writing

Unit 3: Communication in the Caring Professions

Unit 4: Principles of Health and Safety for Health Professions

Unit 5: Assessment Processes in Health and Social Care Settings

Unit 6: Resource Management in Health and Social Care

Unit 1: Working in Partnership in Health and Social Care

Unit 2: Managing the Safeguarding and Protection of Vulnerable Individuals

Unit 3: Health Education and Promoting Wellbeing

Unit 4: Team Management in Health and Social Care

Unit 5: Professional Supervision Practice in Health and Social Care

Unit 6: Research Methods in Health and Social Care

Unit 1: Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social Care

Unit 2: Managing Quality in Health and Social Care Settings

Unit 3: Principles of Leadership and Management

Unit 4: Health and Safety in Health and Social Care Settings

Unit 5: Resource Management in Health and Social Care

Unit 6: Research Methods for Healthcare Professionals


  • Assessment is based on coursework, assignments and essays with no formal examinations
  • Guided learning hours to fulfill: 600 hours per level
  • Credits to attain: 120 credits per level

Entry Requirements:


17 years and above

Minimum qualification

1. General Cambridge Examination (GCE) Advanced Level (2 passes and a pass in English Language paper at GCE Ordinary Level); or

2. Mature candidate – 21 years old and above with  

   i. a minimum of 2 years of relevant working experience and meeting the English Requirement; or

   ii. GCE Ordinary Level – 3 passes (a pass in English Language paper); or

   iii. GCE Normal Level – 5 passes (a pass in English Language paper) or equivalent.

English requirement

1.  Pearson Test of English (PTE) 51; or
2.  IELTS 5.5 (reading and writing must be at 5.5); or
3.  TOEFL 59 
5.  Equivalent (such as Pearson Versant English Test). 

Course Fees:

(Non-refundable one-time application fee of SGD 95.00 is payable upon application)

Program fee

SGD 1,500 per unit

Marking fee

SGD 100.00 per unit

OTHM Registration fee

SGD 580.00 one time

Payment mode

Stripe / Credit card / Alipay

Refund Terms (Program & Marking fees)

90% – more than 28 days before course commencement

50% – less than 28 days before course commencement

10% – less than 3 days before course commencement

  0% – more than 3 days after the course commencement